This Street Legal Dragster Owned By Dragon Man Is Totally Badass!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When it comes to street legal hotrods, there is a wide open book full of definitions and just as many conflicting opinions on what technically qualifies as street legal, as well as what qualifies as cool. Luckily our hobby is one of countless varying opinions, and therefore a little bit of something for everybody. There’s a fellow that goes by the name Dragon Man from Colorado who has an epic collection of badass cars, and one of his most insane rides is this street legal dragster that he brought out to the meet seen in the video below.

With headlights, taillights and plenty of muscle, as demonstrated humorously by the Dragon Man himself after he climbs out of the car, the road-going dragster is totally legal to use on the streets. With the blown hemi engine providing plenty of power to the meaty rear tires, the tatted up owner had a solid roll cage to protect him if it gets away from him. The car looks very much like something straight out of the 60’s, with the wire spoke front wheels, big vertically-mounted radiator, and massive zoomie pipes providing an almost caricature-like image of the bygone drag racing era.

While the engine sounds fairly stock and the blower is turned down, as evidenced by the huge diameter of the pulley, we have to assume with a couple of minor modifications, this thing could really make some big power and put those massive tires to work. Hopefully his buddies can talk the Dragon Man into pepping up his dragster and taking it to the track to see what kind of times the lightweight ride is capable of. With his personality, we have to assume he would be more than willing to strap in and send the car through the quarter mile with the throttle wide open and the engine screaming.