This Superyacht Has its Own Private Beach... Baller Status!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This is an amazing concept that we can only hope makes it to production and that we someday have the chance to experience first-hand. What you’re looking at is a superyacht that hopes to bring nature into the heart of the vessel itself, allowing the crew and guests to experience nature on an intimate level while enjoying the luxurious ship’s many amenities.

The yacht features many atypical fixtures such as greenways with grass and plant life and a spacious open design that lets the breeze flow freely throughout the deck. But the most appealing innovation is the rear of the deck, which slopes gently into the water like a beach, allowing the guests to walk to the water’s edge on their own extremely private beach, no matter how far out to sea they are.

While many concepts remain just that, we’d truly love to see some of the ideas from this come to life, even if the whole vessel itself never comes to exist. Any yacht with its own personal beach out back sounds amazingly cool!