This Twin turbo Motorcycle Must Eat Up The Pavement!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

As is often the case with videos on YouTube, there isn’t really much information available about this build, but we can tell it’s pretty unique and should make some insane power.

Tucked and crammed in and around the chassis and engine, a twin turbo setup, complete with twin intercoolers, gives this bike an aggressive appearance and should provide plenty of torque and top end pull. The turbos are tiny, but so is the engine’s displacement, so the power bump should be pretty massive, comparatively, over the stock powerplant. The seat and rear bodywork is missing from the chassis, possibly to allow access for the twin turbo installation, but once this road-bound rocket is buttoned back up, we would love to see some footage of it spooling up and shredding the asphalt.

Check it out below, and go ahead and crank the volume, this thing has a great lope and exhaust note too!