This Video Shows Why You Should Always Pull Off To The Shoulder

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

With how fast moving things can be out there on the highway, you want to make sure that you are always paying attention to the road. You never know when another driver is going to do something that just doesn’t make sense or perhaps another individual will find themselves in peril, calling for a need for you to be paying full attention, otherwise things could really go awry in a hurry. This is exactly that situation pictured here as somebody found their vehicle to be disabled and couldn’t figure out how to get off the highway in time.

It’s pretty difficult to watch as the car simply sits there, acting as a sitting duck in the middle of fast-moving traffic as other cars zoom by, with some noticing ahead of time and getting out of the way and others locking up the brakes at the last second before trying to swerve around the car, narrowly avoiding it or, in some cases, managing to clip it and do some damage. In a situation like this, you never know what person is going to be glued to their cell phone while driving and who will end up being distracted enough to plow straight into the back of the disabled vehicle.

If you follow along with the video below, the footage will show you the moment that has the car sitting in the middle the highway with nowhere to go and no way of warning the oncoming traffic that there is a hazard that could cause big-time injury and a ton of damage. Luckily, doesn’t appear as if anybody was hurt from the situation, but it just goes to show you that if anything seems to be wrong with your vehicle, you should maybe make your way over towards the shoulder as fast as you possibly can, even if it’s just precautionary measure. In addition, keep those eyes on the road because you never know when this could happen in front of you!