This wood splitter design is absolutely genius!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/18/2021

There is something supremely satisfying about watching a simple machine turn what would be days of manual labor into minutes of labor-saving awesomeness. This wood splitter delivers a whole winter’s supply of ready-to-burn firewood in about three minutes, a task that would take even the burliest of axe-slingers hours to complete. instead, what appears to be a father and son load large disk shaped chunks of wood into the splitter and pull a lever and the machine not-so-elegantly forces the wood slugs into a group of blades that chop it into nice chunks of firewood.

The machine itself is simple, it appears to be little more than a Diesel engine mated to a hydraulic press. It makes short work of a huge pile of wood and makes it look effortless. It looks like one or two of these splitters could provide a small town with firewood for the winter in just a few days, and probably make the owners a nice chunk of change along the way. At the end of the video, we see the splitter being backed onto a flatbed, presumably showing it heading off to another job site, or perhaps a new owner.

It’s very satisfying to see a machine ripping its way through work that would take us days or longer to complete.