He Got A Ticket For Hauling A 53 Foot Trailer With His Silverado

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

We all have that one friend…

When it comes to pickup truck owners, myself included, I think that we can admit that there are times where maybe we had considered getting a little bit overzealous. Perhaps we considered towing just a bit more than we should. After all, the truck in question was purchased with utility in mind. However, there is definitely a place where things go from pushing the limits just a little to being downright crazy. While the owner’s manual certainly has that area well-defined, some might choose to push limits harder than others.

The “What?”

Even beyond those folks, we find the pickup truck owners like the individual wielding this Chevrolet Silverado. Apparently, the owner of this truck saw no task too tall for his tow rig. While the truck does appear to be a 2500 or greater, even the most capable trim wouldn’t be rated for what this owner would be ready to take on.

No, he wasn’t just loading up an enclosed trailer and pulling it behind the truck. He wasn’t even pushing the limits with some sort of heavy equipment on a trailer. Instead, he decided that he wanted to pull a 53-foot semi-truck trailer behind the pickup truck. It doesn’t necessarily take any genius to tell how this would be pretty dangerous.

So how did he do it?

It turns out that he had some sort of bumper assembly to be able to hook up the long trailer. It looks like a traditional hitch receiver with a pin system. In addition, the individual looks to have taken the liberty of concocting an air brake in order to make the truck slow down efficiently.

However, he was still pulled over and ticketed by Ontario Provincial Police as this seems to be a sort of reckless maneuver.