To The Top: Daddy Dave Currently #1 In Haney's Radial vs the World Camaro

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

As legendary NHRA announcer Alan Reinhardt says each time a new low qualifying elapsed time pops up on the scoreboard “…and he goes…. to… the… top!”

This weekend, Street Outlaws star David “Daddy Dave” Comstock is making his debut behind the wheel of Keith Haney’s nitrous-huffing Radial vs the World Camaro known as Enigma. In his first pull pass in the car, Dave ripped of a number good enough to qualify him at the top fo the field, at least for the time being.

This is the same car Haney drove to a runner up at Lights Out 9 just a couple of weeks ago when he fell in the final round to Stevie Fast at South Georgia Motorsports Park, so we know the car is up to the task and ready for battle. Haney ripped off a string of solid passes, proving he and his team have a solid grasp on the car.

Comstock, who has proven himself time and again behind the wheel of an assortment of rides, seems to be up to the task after laying down the clean 3.85 pass that put him atop the ladder after the first session at Tulsa Raceway Park. Dave’s 3.85 was actually quicker than the time laid down by Haney in his pro mod, a car that’s virtually identical to the radial car, but is running on huge slicks in PDRA Pro Nitrous trim.

There are still more qualifying sessions, so there’s a chance Dave will be supplanted from the top spot, but to see him slide into the car for the first time and lay down such a great number in his first full pass just further proves Comstock’s mettle as a wheelman. We’ll keep an eye on things out west all weekend to see how things progress for Dave and Keith, as well as the rest of the racers who’ve made the trek to Oklahoma to compete. For now, the content below from Logan over at the Daddy Dave Racing camp should be enough to put you on the edge of your seat!