Toilet Paper vs Gas Torch is Very Satisfying to Watch!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

While we have mostly known the Mr. Gear YouTube channel for creating and presenting unique household hacks to their audience, this time it looks like they have decided to dive into a different sector entirely that might just prove to be even more entertaining than their other videos.

This time, the channel has gotten their hands on a conventional gas torch and said torch is to put it up against a series of things that you are going to want to see and where it starts out leaves a pretty promising future ahead.

To get the ball rolling, we check out what happens when this extreme and very concentrated heat goes up against a light bulb and is then exposed to a variety of other objects before seeing the most interesting test of them all in a roll of toilet paper to see how the incredibly thin and flammable material will react when exposed to the flames.

While it might not seem like toilet paper would provide the most interesting experiment, this one has managed to grab our attention and hold it all the way through. The traditional bath tissue actually puts on quite a show as it is exposed to the intense heat and gets stripped away, layer by layer.