Top 5 Amazing Helicopter Emergency Landings

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When you get behind the controls of something like a helicopter or an airplane for that matter, one thing that you definitely don’t want to have to think about is the thought of an emergency landing. While it’s something that can be accomplished without much hazard, it’s definitely not a situation that anybody wants to be tied up in as you have nothing between yourself and potential deathbut an expanse of sky that isn’t going to prop you up. However, with enough talent and just the right amount of luck, you might be able to overcome it all.

In this one, we check out a collection of five amazing helicopter emergency landings, situations where it might look like all was about to go wrong, when all of a sudden, the events would take a turn in the right direction, putting these helicopters that had nowhere to go in just the right position to succeed. Some of them were going down more quickly than others but all of them definitely had quite a way with amazing us. With a variety of different conditions here, each pilot had to go through their very own special sequence of maneuvers in order to make it through safely but each one is definitely challenging in a different way.

Whether it be a news chopper going down in the middle of the city fast and needing to find a place to land safely, a helicopter that needed to make a landing on a boat that was rocking way too hard for a safe landing to be made, or even what might be the worst of them all in a chopper that needed to land in the middle of the water, deploying airbags to keep floating, all of these will have your heart pounding.

I’m sure that none of these pilots wanted to be in the situation that they ended up being in but after, when looking back over the events, they had to be thankful for the outcome.