Touring a YouTuber's New Purchase - an RV Owned by Racing Legends, Robby Gordon & Al Unser Jr.

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

If you guys haven’t found Stapleton42 on YouTube just yet, he has managed to come up with some wild stuff. Deciding to basically up and leave home, the race car adventures that he has been on have really managed to capture our attention.

Last time, we watched as he attempted to buy an RV that belonged to Dale Earnhardt. Unfortunately, the deal didn’t exactly work out as the motorcoach needed a little bit too much TLC. That kind of thing tends to happen when you’re looking at a classic rig that surely saw lots of miles on the road.

This time, though, he did manage to come up with an RV to buy. In a twist of fate, this one also has some racing heritage behind it. Now, it’s hard to live up to a name like Dale Earnhardt. However, after being owned by a couple of racing Hall of Famers in Al Unser Jr. and Robby Gordon, this rig has its own story to tell.

Just like with classic cars, this classic Newell Coach has a retro vibe to it that we can’t help but love. It just feels like it’s been through some challenges in its day and obviously managed to push through them. We also can’t help but imagine some of the conversations that went down between those walls. Being in the presence of greatness is surely one way to inspire even more greatness!

Down in the video below, Stapleton takes us on his most recent adventure that has us wondering what’s coming next. It’s not often that we get excited by things like motor homes. However, the heritage behind this one is simply hard to turn down. We know that we certainly wouldn’t mind spending a little bit of time cruising around the country in a rig like that!