Touring Joe Rogan's Completely Custom Coyote Swapped Bronco

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

I have to admit that I, like many, have become a big fan of Joe Rogan’s over the past couple of years. As Rogan has come onto the podcast scene, he has quickly grown to become one of the biggest in the business. Each and every podcast seems to have seven figures worth of views within a day. Some of the episodes have grown to tens of millions of views. and feature some of the world’s most prominent personalities.

Those who have become familiar with Rogan though the podcast would probably guess that, in most aspects of life, he’s probably pretty functional. Rogan doesn’t really seem like the kind of guy who would just buys something because it looks good. However, we also know that Joe happens to be an automotive enthusiast. Those two concepts don’t necessarily seem to be able to coexist perfectly. This time, though, we find out how exactly they can both live in unison.

One of the vehicles in Rogan’s collection is his ICON built Ford Bronco. The machine is as beautiful as it is functional. In this one, we join in with the builder as he takes the opportunity to go over the build and how it all came together.

From the beginning, we’re told that the Bronco started off as being blown up. The engine wouldn’t do much good. However, the body was in very nice condition. This is rather fitting as many builds like this are basically stripped-down, anyway. Most of the parts on such a high-quality concoction are going to be sourced from elsewhere.

As we follow along, we watch as the Bronco is completely stripped down. From there, it gets a custom off-road suspension, a subtle but well-done paint job, and a Coyote engine among other modifications. It really seems like a rig that could get Rogan just about anywhere that he pleases to go in style.

This isn’t necessarily a custom creation that’s going to turn heads like a Bugatti. However, for somebody who knows what they’re looking at, we find it to be more than impressive.