Traffic Jammed for 2 Blocks, All Due to One Selfish Person

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Sometimes, you just can’t help but take a little situation wonder exactly why someone would even think to act the way that they do. Sure, we get that mistakes definitely happen, we all make mistakes and sometimes look back on something and wish that we hadn’t done it but other times, people just don’t consider those around them. In this situation, the outcome of the solution is all the same as somebody’s small action, or at least they might have thought would have been smaller, ended up being a pretty big cluster making lots of noise and irritating lots of people.

In this one, we tune in to quite the video that shows someone who has decided to double park and instead of this action going unnoticed, people would line up behind them, laying on their horn and wondering what exactly was causing a traffic jam that would end up spanning two blocks! Now, in a situation like this, either this one was a big lapse and someone really truly didn’t realize that their actions could cause quite a traffic jam or, the more infuriating option that appears to be the case here is that possibly this person just didn’t care. There’s nothing worse than someone who commits an act like this on purpose, which was the case, and knows that they don’t have to show their face to be accountable for it. When the woman did finally come back out to the disaster, she seemed incredibly defensive to boot!

*spoiler alert* You’re 100% in the wrong!

If you follow along down the video below, you’ll be able to watch the very moment that it all unfolded as motorcycle rider weaves through traffic to try and find a solution or rather, the cause of all this mayhem. Once the rider gets to the source, you can’t help but want do much aside from shake your head and think of how this one could’ve so easily been avoided with the smallest trace of common courtesy.