Truck Full of Donations Stranded as Thief Syphons Gas From Non-Profit

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

It takes a special kind of evil to be able to steal from a nonprofit. However, as we take a ride up to Fargo, North Dakota, in this story, we stumble upon just that kind of person. While in the middle of a donation pick-up, apparently, somebody really decided that they wanted the fuel within a delivery truck for a thrift store.

Local News describes “Arc Attic Treasures” as a non-profit “relying heavily on contributions from the community.”

This time, not only did a member of the community steal gas from one of their trucks. It just so happened that they managed to damage the truck in the process. Losing a tank of gas might hurt but it could be a lot worse.

In this case, we see just how much worse it could get. Not only did the gas have to be replaced but an expensive tow to the mechanic’s shop would be necessary. This all falls in place before figuring out what it’s going to cost to get this truck fixed.

We weren’t told if any sort of break would be provided for the nonprofit to get the fix done. Even if there was someone willing to help, though, somebody is going to be out hard-earned dollars somewhere. All of this comes because a criminal decided that they wanted to steal a little bit of gasoline.

While it is unfortunate that sometimes, we can feel like everything has to be under lock and key, that might just be the state of the union these days. In order to keep criminals out, the local news channel, Valley News Live, had a couple of suggestions.

While newer vehicles might be equipped with a locking gas door, not many older ones are. In order to remedy this lack of equipment, locking gas caps can be purchased at a local auto parts store. In addition, if possible, security cameras are always a big plus.