Turbo Honda Civic Goes 140mph Past a Cop!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

We have all been there, going a little faster than we should when all of a sudden you spot a police officer that seems to have come out of nowhere! Most of the time, it might not be that steep of an offense and you get away without the officer batting an eye but this time, we check out a situation where a driver flew past a cop car while killing his speedometer!

Now, this isn’t just any Honda Civic. Oh no, this car has been beefed up to the nines with all kinds of boost, enough so that the speedometer can barely keep up with how fast the car is actually going! When this guy lays into it, we can see how much gas this car really has under the hood!

It looks like, this time, he went out to show off exactly what the car could do, when all of a sudden, the duo that’s rocketing to 140 in the Honda Civic spots a police officer in the other lane traveling the opposite way. At that kind of speed, it’s not like he could’ve turned around and caught back up so it looks like the guy behind the wheel here really caught a lucky break!

Check out the video below that shows off the situation that probably had this driver’s heart up in his throat! If this isn’t a close call with the authorities, then I’m not sure what is! I’m willing to bet that this dude is going to be looking over his shoulder while he’s behind the wheel for the foreseeable future.