Guys Turn 2 Bathtubs Into Functioning Submarine - It's as Sketchy as it Sounds

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

We have seen a lot of crazy things unfold on the internet. Heck, there are entire YouTube channels that are dedicated to carrying out the most obscure projects possible. Some folks have even found that being goofy and creating dangerous vehicles is a way to make a decent living.

On another note, it can be pretty wild just how small YouTube can make the world seem. As I sit here in America, writing this article, it just so happens that I’ve come across a video all the way from Germany. As it turns out, the German version of YouTube has a lot of similarities to the American version. These guys really kick it up a notch as their experiment is an all-new level of crazy.

We definitely wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home. However, what we have here is certainly an experiment that we couldn’t help but feast our eyes on. Apparently, the guys pictured in the video took a couple of bathtubs and turned them into their very own submarine.

Our German isn’t perfect. By that, I basically mean that I have no idea about what anything means in German. Google Translate helped me to figure out exactly what was going on here, though. It would appear as if the guys are now testing out a fan-made version of one of their creations. The replica also seems to fuse a couple of bathtubs together in a submarine-like apparatus. The result is rather intense.

By following along with the video below, we get to ride along for the adventure. We don’t necessarily have to speak the language to know that this is a pure adrenaline rush of a situation. As we watch from the inside, we’re certainly on edge, waiting and hoping that this thing is able to hold water. – The Real Life Guys