Wild Experiment Turns A/C Compressor Into Functioning Engine

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

When it comes to tinkering in the garage, there are all sorts of different levels to it. Depending on the amount of know-how that someone goes into a project with, the result may vary. Creativity also plays a major role in the product that ends up stealing the show versus one that’s not as impressive.

This time, we catch up with something that pretty much blew us away.

When we look at something like a traditional air conditioning compressor, we don’t think much of it. Beyond the functionality of playing its role in an A/C system, what’s there to think of? To go in any other direction might seem almost crazy. The piece has a very specifically defined function.

However, when the Let’s Learn Something YouTube channel managed to get their hands on a compressor, they went off on a tangent. In fact, they managed to take this component and transform it into something entirely different.

There are decades upon decades of experience in automobiles with the crew at Speed Society. Admittedly, none of us have seen anything like this before. It’s really a fresh take on something that most probably never considered. With that, it’s a complete joy to watch the creativity unfold.

By following along with the video below, we get taken for a ride with a process that turns this compressor into its own engine. Sure, there might’ve been one or two pieces here that we’re introduced to the equation. However, the vast majority of the original unit is repurposed to make something entirely new.

We’re not sure where this idea came from but watching it come to life is nothing short of spectacular. In a world where the same concepts seem to be used over and over again, this is definitely something fresh.

What will they think of next?