Twin Turbo ACR Viper takes on 4.0 Whipple/Nitrous Mustang and 1,000whp+ Supra

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

These could honestly be three of the most evenly matched cars we have ever seen hitting the highway for a few roll races, especially given the drastically different combinations in each ride. There’s a Boss 302 Mustang with a Whipple charger and a Turbo 400 transmission swap. There’s a decades-old Supra that produces 1,000 horsepower to the wheels from it’s boosted 2.0 liter inline six banger. And there is a twin turbo ACR Viper that sends 1,200 ponies to the tires from its V10 powerplant.

It seems logical with such huge differences in approach, that there would be differences in performance, however, it’s clear that whichever of these cars gets the jump is likely going to come out the winner, as long as they’re able to maintain traction, which does come into play, even at highway speeds. These guys swap races back and forth in some of the better roll racing we have seen in a while. Which of these combinations would you choose for highway racing?