Twin turbo Cadillac ATS V vs Fast RC car at da pad in New Orleans

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Even though Cadillac ATS-V doesn’t sport a V8 lake it’s bigger brother, the CTS-V, this thing still has lots of potential in the tank as a pair of turbos whirl to send plenty of power through the six cylinder power plant. It’s an entirely new look for GM, but it really appears to be working for them.

This time, the ATS-V is put to the task in a drag race that isn’t necessarily something that we would consider conventional as the pair goes head-to-head in a 60-foot throwdown. The competitor isn’t one that you would really expect either when a remote control car steps to plate.

Now, if it were a quarter mile race, we would venture to think that the Cadillac would hold the upper hand on the remote control car but here, it looks to be about the opposite as the Cadillac will have to have a perfect launch in order to win this competition.

Check out the video below that puts sports car against remote control car to see what the outcome will be. This is one intense showing of inter-platform power.