Twin Turbo S10 Truck Does NASTY Dyno Pull

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

Twin Turbo S10 Truck Does NASTY Dyno Pull

When it comes to performance, the track is the ultimate proving ground, but if you want to get a good idea of how you’ll perform at the track, the dyno isn’t a bad alternative.

This time, we check out a Chevrolet S10 that nobody would have expected to end up like this when it originally rolled off of the assembly line.

Hooked up with a pair of turbos and an LS powerplant to give it some go, this mini truck ended up being one bad machine as you can see in the clip.

Join in on the fun below as this forced induction animal does a nice little pull that will have you questioning what the S10 is all about next time you see one at a red light!

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