Two Boaters Approach Kayaker From Both Sides and Send Him for a Wild Ride

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I have to admit that sometimes, I can look at a situation and think the worst is going to come. I think this is something that people tend to train themselves into just to protect themselves in the long run so that way it’s hard to be disappointed when you have low expectations. However, on the flip side of that coin, if the opposite comes true, you’re pleasantly surprised as the outcome takes your expectations of negative things and flips them on their head, showing you that in this world, sometimes good things do happen even though you might be expecting the opposite to be the reality.

When scrolling through Facebook, we stumbled upon a video that brought exactly that phenomenon to light as at the beginning of this thing, we saw a couple of guys in boats with their cameras pulled out and pointed at a kayaker in the distance, we kind of expected that maybe they were going to do something to mess with the person who couldn’t get out of his own way when compared to boats with combustion engines onboard. However, when it all unfolded, it turned out that they were all in on it and what happened next is pretty incredible to watch as this team effort might’ve just come up with a sort of new sport.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll watch as two power boats go along either side of this kayaker and before we know it, the kayaker is in a full out frenzy, riding the wave just like a surfer as he spins around and does a couple of tricks, really putting it on for the cameras. If you were in search of one adrenaline rush on the lake on a lazy Sunday, this might just be that rush that you’re looking for.

Anderen eine Freude machen 😉

Posted by Stefan Schwabi on Saturday, February 24, 2018