Ultimate Perterbilt party rig competes in tug-of-war battle

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

The beauty of wrenching on your ride is that said ride is completely yours. No matter what your vision is, you can make it come alive and as long as you are happy with the end product, everything in the world seems to be alright.

When the person behind this Peterbilt set out to meet their vision, they probably had something rather large in mind, something that wouldn’t just fill the blank canvas but go beyond to expand past the canvas as well.

This year at an event known as “Rednecks with paychecks” the gigantic party machine was unveiled and party it did. We watch in on the Triple-X Motorsports flick as this monster makes its way around the park in a loud and proud fashion as only this rig could before competing in the tug-of-war with a bed full of people!

Rumor has it that this New Mexico based muscle machine weighs in at 26,000 pounds and to us, it looks like a full 26,000 pounds of party. This is one machine that we would definitely like to experience before we die.

Check out the Triple-X feature of this ride in the video below and tell us what you think of the monstrosity on wheels. This thing looks like a bundle of fun!