Ultimate Work Truck: The Tool Tank

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

For anyone who has ever had to use a wide variety of tools, you know that organization can be key to making sure that the job goes smoothly and you’re able to keep focusing on important things like actually getting that duty done instead of where your supplies are or figuring out how to do a job with simple tools when it calls for heavier duty ones.

This time, we check out a machine that does a little bit of helping out with both of those issues in organization and providing a lot of bang for your buck in terms of some of the abilities that it brings to any work site. This thing is strapped up and ready to go to war on the construction site.

The truck that’s known as the “Tool Tank” has everything that you might need from toolboxes of every size to a crane that can be broken out when the jobs get really serious. This isn’t just any store-bought item, either, this guy and a buddy of his have gone to incredible lengths to create this truck themselves, styling it for their every need.

Check out the video down below that shows off the truck that seems to bring just about everything you’ll ever want for a variety of jobs to the table and tell us what you think of how every nook and cranny of this machine has been dedicated to pure utility and does a rather good job of living up to its purpose.