Underground Racing Lamborghini Huracan DCT 222 MPH 1/2 Mile World Record

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Underground Racing has been one of the premiere sources of insane twin turbo Lamborghini badassness. For years, the Charlotte, NC based shop has churned out boosted Lambos that have gone on to break countless standing mile and half mile records, and at WannaGoFast’s North Carolina event earlier this year, another of their cars – this one belonging to Drag965 founder Mohammad – set and reset the record for DCT Huracans no fewer than 5 times.

The car, an LP610-4 Huracan that Underground has worked their magic on, set the record on every run it made at the event, including it’s first pass, a shakedown run to check everything out, that yielded a top speed of 211 MPH through the half mile. From there, the car only got faster as the MoTeC M1 ECU was further refined and the horsepower levels were cranked higher and higher. By the end of the day, with the tune maxed out at an estimated 1,800 horsepower, the car screamed through the traps at 222 MPH, having raised the Huracan record by over 10 MPH from the first run of the event.

Mohammad’s gorgeous Lambo features a fully built Underground engine with billet rods and pistons, as well as one of their custom clutches, though surprisingly, it’s still running a stock transmission. The MoTeC ECU allows the engine to add boost each time the transmission is shifted into a higher gear, to help eliminate wheelspin in the lower gears and bring in more power as the car gains speed and downforce. We can’t help but feel like the 230 MPH mark is within this car’s reach with just a little more time and refining of the tune. Higher horsepower may require the car be upgraded to a beefier gearbox, though, so it may just have to settle for being the Huracan record holder at 222 MPH.