Unedited - Street Outlaws Banknote VS Million Dollar Camaro!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When the state of Ohio sent it’s best street racers to take on the Street Outlaws on the streets of the 405, it was one of the most talked-about episodes in the show’s history. While the main event was the still-undecided race between Big Chief and his twin-turbo Crowmod and Disco Dean and his blown Stinky Pinky Pro Mod Camaro, the other races on the night were exciting in their own right.

  • Video credit BigRob Entertainment, follow the Facebook page and Youtube for more street racing!

In the race featured in this clip below, captured from behind the line by longtime 405 cameraman BigRob Entertainment, Jeremy in the gorgeous Bank Note Nova lines up with Kenny Underwood in the Million Dollar Camaro. The Camaro earned its name by carrying Underwood to the winner’s circle in the Million Dollar Bracket Race, pocketing him six figures for a single day of drag racing. The white F-Body should have been a solid race for Jeremy’s nitrous-injected Nova, but it looked like it left soft for some reason while the Bank Note planted the tires hard, as usual.

As the cars raced into the Oklahoma night, it’s hard to see in the footage who took the win, but the call comes in from the top end that Jeremy took the win by three cars over Underwood, giving the OKC crew an all-important race in the win column against the out-to-towners. Despite the no-call on the race with Disco Dean, the 405 took the win with a 6-1 record on the night as the Oklahoma City guys blitzed the Buckeyes time and again.

Despite the loss in this race, Underwood continues to be one of the premiere bracket racers in the nation, having racked up wins and huge paydays across the nation in the ultra-competitive world of handicapped start racing. Meanwhile, Jeremy swapped the Bank Note over to ProCharged power and seemed to be on his way to making a big impact on the list with he newfound power, but he smacked the wall at Darlington Dragway so hard that it actually buckled the roof of the car, meaning it may be damaged beyond repair. Don’t look for that to stop Jeremy, though it will certainly keep him off the streets for a while.