Unlock any car door with a plunger? Debunked!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

While they can be fun, tall tales aren’t always the most truthful anecdotes that you will ever come across. Given enough time, any trade will develop its secrets, some of which will obviously be true and others will be passed along to have fun at the amateur’s expense.

This time, we go up against a myth that almost seems too crazy to be true and this guy is going to put it to the test to see if indeed it is. You see, along the way, someone who probably locked their keys in their car decided to come up with quite a creative solution of attempting to open the car back up with air pressure from a plunger and that’s what we’re up against.

While the idea of forcing air through a lock, pushing the mechanism open with the same force that uses to push the, well you know, out of the bottom of your toilet could be probable, we’re a little skeptical. It seems like a really far-fetched idea but hey, why not try it out for the purpose of… Science?

Check out the video below that shows the idea put to the test as this guy treats the side of his Ford Explorer like the bottom of his toilet to see if idea will work out. What other crazy methods have you heard of that will supposedly work with getting open the door of a vehicle?