Upgraded gears and motors in a built 24-volt ATV powerwheels

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

When you envision Power Wheels, you picture a kid’s toy putting along in the front yard at a couple of miles per hour, a very tame and manageable pace for just about any little tyke that can get their hands on such a machine.

This time, however, we check out a situation involving such a Power Wheels machine that is a pretty far cry from the dialed down child’s toy that comes straight out of the box from the toy store. If you’re the child of off-road video sensation, Cole Shirley aka MadRam11, you know that dad is going to tune up your ride and make it something special.

Before, we saw this little machine get the power treatment with a 24-volt conversion that would give the ATV a surprising amount power and allow it to rip around the yard but with more power came a couple of broken pieces and the need to make it better! That means now it’s time to upgrade a couple of other parts to make the machine work even better. The sheared off plastic gears would be replaced with new ones that were upgraded to be stronger and, of course, new motors to match.

Check out exactly how Cole updated his kid’s ride in the video below along with the obligatory action footage of his son, Reid, ripping around in his new and upgraded toy. Just imagine what this kid is going to be wheeling around in by the time that he has a driver’s license!