US Army Veteran Claims "The Worst Part About Losing my Legs is I Can't Drive a Stick"

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

While it’s quite obvious that everybody lives their own different lives with their own preferences and tastes, with a lot of the stories that you’ll hear, you really get a feeling that many of us gear headed enthusiasts were really cut from the same cloth. With this story, you kind of get a little bit of that feeling as you hear all about the story of a US Army veteran who fell in love with a car and ended up having to sell it for a reason that’s not really like what most other people would sell their car for.

As we know very well, everyone who enlists in the Army is sacrificing something. Amongst other things, Dan Berschinski sacrificed parts of his body while serving his country and for that, we thank him very much. However, instead of what we would think would be a somewhat expected reaction, you know, with figuring out things like walking out again, Dan took a very “car guy” reaction to the situation as he says that one of his first thoughts, after finding out that he wasn’t going to have his birth-given legs available to him anymore, was how exactly he was going to be able to drive his Audi that he’d fallen in love with as the car was a stick shift and couldn’t exactly be operated with his prosthetics.

If you follow along in the video below, you get a pretty interesting perspective from the VinWIKI YouTube channel as Dan gives us the rundown on the story and tells about his experience as he had fallen in love with the car and was forced to sell it before moving on to another vehicle that he admired. It’s difficult to even imagine all of the challenges that are faced with a drastic lifestyle change like this, but it looks like Dan is taking it in stride!