US Military Humvees Falling From The Sky - Is This Where Our Tax Dollars Went?

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

The art of war is a tactical one and sometimes making your presence felt from the sky is the best and maybe the only option available.

In such a scenario, you might be lucky enough to get to see a showcase like the one that we’re exposed to here, where Humvees simply fall from the sky, much like a scene from a movie.

This time, however, we see a super fail in action as it looks like somebody screwed up and didn’t strap the parachute to one of the raining Humvees correctly.

The result of such an action is a heavyweight vehicle, over 5,000lbs of steel free falling from the sky, hurling toward the Earth with nothing to hold it back from obliterating upon impact.

Check out the video below that shows a whole barrage of Humvees free falling from cargo planes, with that one rotten egg that just doesn’t want to cooperate.