Vehicles hidden from Hitler are discovered 70 years later

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

No matter how beautiful or valuable a vehicle, there is never a guarantee that the vehicle in question will get the loving care that it needs. With such theories in play, this is where you start to come across the “barn find” type of deals where cars that you would love to see it in full health far left to rot.

In this one, check out a video where the history is a little bit contradictory. On one hand, the person who uploaded the video tells us that these cars were stashed away in a French quarry to be hidden from Hitler during the war so that he wouldn’t be able to use them for evil, a noble cause for sure. However, others contest that some of the vehicles found here are post-war era cars. Perhaps some of them were stashed and others added to the collection along the way but in any scenario, we are still left with a graveyard of vehicles that is pretty interesting to look at.

Check out the video below that takes us inside of this stash of what’s great cars that have been left to do nothing more than fall to a pile of rust. We aren’t necessarily historians so we will let you decide what’s going on in this vintage ride burial ground.