Video Shows The Weirdest Moments in Motorsports History

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

One of our favorite parts about racing or motorsports, in general, is that it’s simply unpredictable. Is somebody going to end up losing control and crashing? Are drivers going to have their tempers get the best of them and engage in some sort of confrontation? To end of having some sort of records sat right in front of our eyes?

The truth is that we really never know if any of this stuff is going to unfold when we tune in to watch. After all, that’s why they race while we watch. Every once in awhile, we’re able to catch that incredible moment that really rewards us for tuning in. While races provide many moments over their runtime that engage us, sometimes, that “Wow!” moment really jumps off of the screen.

This time, though, we check out a collection of moments that really go beyond that. Sure, seeing a collection of NASCAR drivers get involved in the big one is lots of entertainment. Watching 10 to 15 cars get tangled up in an accident can really draw in the attention and will probably garner millions of views on YouTube after the fact.

However, the situations featured in this one really make the spectacular look rather mundane. Let’s just say that these moments are one-of-a-kind and that’s really putting it lightly. From defying physics to taking selfies for Instagram while racing, this clip collection really will make some fans look at the sport differently.

Sure, viewers might not have been expecting a crash during the race. What can they say about the expectation that a tree was going to fall over the track, though?

We wouldn’t be shocked if this is the one and only time that some of these phenomenons take place.