Watch How To "Make" Liquid Propane

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

When it comes to experimentation on YouTube, we have seen a ton of trials done with the help of liquid nitrogen but this time, we check out a substance that has some similarities to liquid nitrogen but it is a little bit different in lots of ways as well. This one also seems to be a little bit more readily available.

With the help of the self-proclaimed “King of Random,” we check out a quick experiment that has him toying around with a propane torch and modifying it so that he’s essentially able to extract the propane from the canister without it turning into a gas in the environment, secreting the propane and keeping it a liquid.

Afterward, the substance that has some interesting properties is put to the test as it both is cool enough to freeze objects like a marshmallow with just a couple of minutes of submersion but also has the ability to make that same marshmallow go up in a ball of flames after it’s pulled out and meets with fire.

We would recommend that you refrain from trying this one at home but checking out the video below and seeing exactly what the substance is capable of is most certainly a good time from behind your screen. What do you think that the King of Random should try out with liquid propane next?