Watch Murder Nova Take This Hit By A Nose Against Monza

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

The cars at the top of the Street Outlaws Top Ten List always get up to race one another, putting on some of the best side-by-sides races you’ll ever see, making the 405 list race nights some of the most exciting nights of television, especially for us gearhead types.

While the racing on the list from top to bottom is always exciting, the best races take place at the top, where guys like Shawn in the Murder Nova and Monza in his Sinister Split Bumper Camaro line up and lay down races like this one from last week’s episode. With the #2 spot on the line, Monza and Shawn line up and leave together, both cars launching hard into the Oklahoma night. They battle door-to-door down the road, with Monza taking a small lead around midway, only to see Shawn ease back out front as they blast through the finish line. Monza says in the post-race interview that he even reached over and grabbed his last nitrous kit in hopes of holding off Murder Nova’s top end charge, but even an extra shot of nitrous wasn’t enough to deny Shawn the win and the #2 spot on this list.

With Shawn and Big Chief making their climb up the list together, Murder Nova is just one race away from the top spot while Chief has climbed to the midway point of his ascension. Chief and his new Crow have some work left to do, though, with Ryan and the Fireball Camaro, Monza, Shawn and Chuck all standing in the way of his goal to return to the top, and none of those guys are going to just let him waltz up the list. That’s several very tough opponents left for him to take on before taking his shot at the top spot once again.