Watch the Farmtruck Take on a Shiny New Twin-Turbo Mustang

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

When it comes to vehicles that just don’t play games when it comes time to race, the Farmtruck is one Chevrolet C10 that is all about the business no matter what steps to the plate in the next lane over. The truck might not look fast but let’s just say that looks can be deceiving.

Now that the Farmtruck has gained the reputation of being the sleeper that conquers all, it turns out that folks are pretty anxious to get a shot at it and this time, it’s a Ford Mustang owner who is ready to take the Farmtruck on head to head.

With a set of twin turbos, this Stang promises to be a handful with the only question left being if it will able to be able to dig into that pavement and grab traction as well as the ready to rock Farmtruck is capable of.

Check out the action below as they race for a decent sized pot of cash and the Farmtruck shows why you don’t screw with the beat and tattered old Chevy!