Weird Guy Tries scamming GTR Owner For Parking Too Close to Him...

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

We’ve seen all kinds of automotive scams, but this is one of the more unusual and poorly executed scam attempts we’ve seen caught on camera.

The guy who owns this GTR comes out to find a guy in a Volvo parked crooked in the spot beside him and claiming to have had his door dinged. The problem is, the ding in the door doesn’t line up as perfectly with the GTR door as the Volvo owner seemed to think. Once the misalignment was pointed out to him, the scammer relents, but not before things become heated, almost to the point of a physical altercation.

Cooler heads do prevail and the Volvo owner drives away empty handed, leaving the GTR owner and camera guy to ponder the reasons behind the strange altercation.