What is Inside Barret Jackson CEO's Garage?

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

When Craig Jackson, the “Jackson” in Barrett-Jackson, decided to build a home a few years back, he knew that he would want a very special place to keep his collection of cars. As the CEO of Barrett-Jackson, one of the premier automotive auction franchises in the world, Jackson has built quite a spectacular collection and only the coolest display around would suffice.

With what we have to imagine amounted to a blank check and a vision, the builder went to work constructing this rotunda, a circular garage space designed to hold up to twenty-two cars and features touchscreen displays where visitors can view the extensive documentation on each car. As Craig points out, many collectors buy cars for their collections and park them, never to be driven again unless they sell them. Jackson doesn’t do that. He keeps the batteries charged up in his rides and keeps their tanks full of gas, opting instead to drive them.

If you follow our articles here regularly, I’ve often praised collectors like Jackson who enjoy their cars as they’re meant to be enjoyed, but even Jackson has one car I’m not sure I could hit the road in. Sitting in the center of the rotunda is Jackson’s most valuable car, the Green Hornet Shelby Mustang EXP 500. The car, valued at over $3 million, was the only Mustang know to have ever played the role of two different prototypes during it’s life with Ford Motor Company.

I can’t imagine Jackson taking this car out for too many jaunts with other people on the road around him having no clue what the car is worth. About a year ago, this car was sent to be restored, but this time will look like it did during the second half of its life as a prototype for Ford. Jackson certainly has an awesome garage and collection, and we can’t wait to see what else he adds over time.