Whatever It Takes - 1963 Chevy Truck - 2017 Holley LS Fest West

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

With a little bit of patina and some attention under the hood, you can really build something that is bad to the bone and with this 1963 Chevrolet, we most definitely see some LS power bring it to life and carry out that goal nicely. This machine is nothing short of a showstopper!

In this one, we get an up close and personal with Griffin Steinfeld and his rockin’ ’63 that actually has a pretty neat story behind it. You see, Griffin had a gnarly twin turbo LS setup to rock out on the track but with a truck that didn’t have safety equipment, that wasn’t going to fly.

This is where the ’63 comes into play as one of Steinfeld’s buddies said that he could borrow the truck and plop his drivetrain into it. He wasn’t going to race it this year and saw an opportunity to have the truck get a little bit of use when his friend had the itch to go out and rip!

Check out the video below that shows us the truck coming to life at Holley LS Fest West as all of the components are finally in a line! This is most certainly a pickup truck that you’re going to have to see to believe and the details behind this old school truck brought to the modern day are more than worthy of turning heads.