What's Under The Hood Of The Farmtruck? SEMA 2016!

Posted by: on 11/18/2021

Article By MIke Petruzzo

In the world of grudge racing, the race is on to add as much power as possible and remove weight to compliment the power in the most efficient way possible. Therefore, you see a lot of the same thing pop up as guys are using lightweight components and before we know it, replacing the entire car with aftermarket panels and high dollar engine components.

While that’s always fun to watch happen, there’s a certain mystique to the builds that don’t undergo all kinds of racing weight savings and keep a lot of the original equipment in place. That’s something that the Farmtruck is a pro at.

While many people might take the route of painting up lightweight panels to look like the originals, Farmtruck is doing nothing of the sort, retaining that old school steel feel and still doing damage to the competition on race day.