Wheelbarrow Meets Outboard Motor For Ultimate Budget Boating Project

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/16/2021

Many of us have been in a spot where funds might be a little tight. Sometimes, this might even mean deciding between staying in and going out. When throwing water sports into the equation, things can get pretty expensive. Therefore, doing it on a budget can take a little bit of creativity.

For those who want to make it off of the beach and into the water, there are some options, though. A tight budget and boating don’t normally go hand-in-hand. However, for somebody looking for a project that needs some elbow grease, there are some alternatives.

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do!

This time, we dig into a little project that is certainly unconventional to say the least. In fact, this one is probably better watched than executed. However, for those who are truly determined to create something fun, there are household items that could very well be turned into a boat.

This time, we see the result of what happens when a wheelbarrow meets a 2 hp outboard engine. After all, what good is a boat without a little bit of lumber, zip ties, and pool noodles? As we said, it’s a little bit wacky but it’s incredibly fun to see if this project is going to actually pan out. What are the odds that a wheelbarrow with an outboard attached to the back is actually going to float and be able to drive? (Better than one might anticipate!)

By following along with the video below, we tune in with TheBoatGuy as the entire project is laid out in front of our eyes. From an everyday wheelbarrow to a water-going vessel, the project actually ends up being pretty intriguing. After watching something like this, could you see yourself taking on such a project just for the sake of getting on the water?