When A Ricer Wins The Lottery... Too Much Money Not Enough Taste

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

This is a video full of WTF! I was taught from a very early age that class and style are traits you’re born with, and that no amount of money will buy them. If there has ever been a video to drive that point home perfectly, it’s this one.

These cars take gaudy and absurd to a whole new level. From the Mercedes SLR with the ridiculous body kit and metallic gold interior treatment to the leopard-print wrapped Lamborghini that’s covered in tiny metal spikes, these cars defy any real logic or reason as to why they are the way the are, other than the owner’s simply wanting to do so because they can. And then there’s the Dodge Charger on spinners with LED lights underneath and TV’s in the doors. That’s right, there is a television screen in each of the car’s 4 doors, which seems like it should be illegal if it isn’t already. There are also a couple more Lambo’s with questionable body kits and ridiculous light shows that really make us wonder how these people managed to come up with the money to buy these rides, and what on Earth would possess them to modify them in such ridiculous ways.