When filming yourself singing in the car goes horribly wrong!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Getting wrapped up in an accident on the roadways could happen to anyone, anywhere, at any given time. This time, an accident happened when a driver was least expecting it and the entire thing was captured on a camera that was recording his singing that also happened to display his reaction to the extreme crash.

We ride along as the driver tells us that he was on a three or four hour commute and to pass the time along, he would practice his vocals on video to go back and critique it later. However, what would happen next would be something that he would have never expected in a million years.

We watch as the car hydroplanes before going sideways, causing the guy behind the wheel to let out a harsh scream which tells you the severity of the situation. It was then that the vehicle would begin to roll over, throwing the driver for a loop and leaving him with a confused look on his face as to what just happened. It all went down so quickly that we can’t really blame him for being bewildered, either.

Ride along in the cockpit of the car as this guy goes for the ride of a lifetime. Miraculously, the driver says that he ended up being uninjured and the car wasn’t even mechanically damaged. As you could probably imagine, it suffered its fair share of cosmetic damage but it was still able to be driven! That in and of itself is pretty darn amazing.