When Will They Learn? Mustang Driver Heads Straight For The Curb!

Posted by: Jeremy Patterson on 11/17/2021

Well this could be a record for the shortest video we’ve shared, but these Mustang drivers have gotten so good at being total idiots that it takes just ten seconds now to share their stupidity.

This guy had himself a nice, clean SN95 Mustang GT and apparently thought he needed to pull out into this intersection and show out, likely planning on whipping a couple of donuts, but before he really even got started, he managed to sling the rear end out too far and sideswipe the curb.

Now, you can tap the curb and be okay, other than the embarrassment. You can bump the curb, even, and your car survive. This guy SLAMMED the curb, striking it so hard that he literally knocked the passenger side rear wheel completely off the car. That takes some pretty serious force, and as you might imagine, likely caused serious damage elsewhere on the car. Seems logical that slamming the wheel against the curb hard enough to rip it off the car likely caused damage to the rear suspension and the rear end components like the axle the wheel was bolted to. Plus the car dropping onto the ground likely damaged the rocker and rear bumper, crushed the exhaust and not telling what else.

We don’t know how else to say it guys: if you can’t handle the horsepower, keep your foot off the throttle. Head to a big empty parking lot and practice there before attention to do something like this on a public street, which we also have to point out is illegal and dangerous. Driving a car with even 300 horsepower can get you in trouble really quickly if you’re not careful and paying close attention to your surroundings, like where the curbs are located. I guess there is a silver lining here: ay least there wasn’t a crowd standing close by.