Why Chevy Abandoned the 1962-1965 Fuel Injected 327 V8

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

If you take a look back over the history of any automotive brand, there are probably different decisions along the way that could’ve easily gone one way or the other and potentially shaped the brand in some different way. Every single year, or perhaps, even every single day, within these automotive powerhouses, decisions have to be made across all kinds of different metrics, deciding which current platforms should hang around and which should be left behind in the dust to move on to something that’s a little bit more fresh and new.

This time, we hop into exactly that situation as we get to hear a little bit about the fuel injected 327 V8 that Chevrolet implemented from years 1962 through 1965. At that time, it might’ve seemed like a platform with lots of promise that could have easily expanded in all sorts of different ways to make Chevy an even bigger powerhouse but, it would be suddenly abandoned and left behind, never to be heard about again. In this one, we get to rehash exactly what this technology entailed and why it might have been put to rest. It really does leave you to wonder if Chevrolet went with this setup instead of more big block oriented applications, what their trail would have turned out to look like and how history might have changed.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll get the whole backstory behind this application and what exactly happened to make it go under along with what was replaced with. I guess that today, it’s definitely very much in the rear view mirror but, it’s pretty interesting to see how the story could have changed in one direction or the other to make the landscape that we see today an entirely different scheme in GM performance.