Why the biggest airport hangars aren't for planes

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

It’s not exactly a hidden secret that airports across the world employ many people beyond those that are needed to operate an airplane. Even when it comes to moving the plane about the runway, there are many more folks and pieces of equipment that go into the equation than just what’s and who’s onboard.

In this short flick, we capture a little bit of the back story about the ground crew that is a lot bigger than you might imagine. This video tells us that at some airports, like Frankfurt in Germany there is even as many as 20,000 ground vehicles that aid aircraft in their hectic journey between touching down and taking off again.

We’re sure that some of these machines are on the more simple side of the scale but others really rack up the price tag too with prices topping $1.5 million. These machines, used to help planes go in reverse are an essential part of what it takes to organize and move the operation forward.

Check out the video below that shows exactly what goes into the process. You might just be surprised at how complex the system of people and machinery really is. Next time you head up in the air just imagine all of the people and heavy equipment that went into making your flight a reality.