Wildest Police Chase with Motorcycle, Cop Crashes

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

Wildest Police Chase with Motorcycle, Cop Crashes

Does your town have no chase laws? This video will show you exactly why that ruling has come into effect in certain areas. When this cop decides to chase down a motorcycle, things go wrong in a hurry!

After the biker decides to make a u-turn during pursuit, the police officer follows and the events that unfold next are tough to watch. Check it out as the police cruiser crashes into a ditch and nearly rolls over during pursuit.

All of the action was caught on a dash cam as seen in the video below. We’re willing to bet that the officer didn’t have this in mind when he came into work in the morning.

This epic police chase also has a wreck, but this time it’s the motorcycle that isn’t so lucky.

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