With No Boat Ramp in Sight, This Determined Boater Drives his Trailer Right into the Water

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

Nine times out of ten, when you see somebody launching a boat, there’s a good chance that they’ll be doing it from a boat ramp. There’s no guarantee that they’re going to do it particularly well, but normally, when someone attempts to put a boat in the water, they used one of the paved and prepared facilities that make it easier to dump the vessel in and take it back out without too much resistance when it comes to getting the vehicle that you’re hauling your boat with away from the water.

This time, however, it doesn’t look like the person behind this Sea Ray had access to a ramp so, instead of spending the day on dry land, they would use what they had to make the best of it. To many of us, it might look like a sketchy situation but, for these boaters, it looks like all that they saw was an opportunity to launch their boat that they took and manage to pull their way out of.

It’s incredible to watch as this launch goes down on Lecanvey beach with the truck and trailer combination in question going about 100 feet or so into the water, driving right off of the beach and into the liquid with absolutely no fear of getting stuck. Personally, I would be afraid that I would drive right over the edge and never make my way back to dry land again without issue but that doesn’t seem to be something that is bothering this motorist in the slightest as he heads right on out in the water and dumps his boat off without a hitch.

Check out the video below as this unique launching sequence was all captured on camera and the situation that looked like it was about to turn wrong at any moment carried right on through with complete success. If this happened to be salt water, this guy might want to high tail it to get some soap and a hose on the bottom end of that truck but if not, then we have to give a major hats off to the successful launching operation that definitely made critics into believers.