Woman Gets Angry at Cars Leaving Cars and Coffee! Funny!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

It can be kind of hard to remember at times but, as somebody who is part of the car community you have to keep it in your mind that you are indeed a minority group. Even though you look every direction and all of your friends seem to be involved in the car community and one scroll down Facebook would dictate that every other post has something to do with an engine, when it comes to the bigger world out there, it’s not necessarily one where every single person is in love with the automobile like we are. Crazy, right!?

While we would be inclined to think that most people can at least appreciate a tasteful car, as it turns out, there are some people who are just completely against any sort of idea that has to do with automotive performance. You have to remember that, to some people, a car is nothing more than a method of transportation and it gets them from A to B. Therefore, they might not understand why people enjoy automobiles that are loud and suck down a lot of gas when you punch the throttle and send them down the street.

We have to admit that we are joining in on this situation that you see pictured down in the video below from the middle of that happening, however, it would appear as if this video captured somebody who is really a member of the latter as a person who has a chip on their shoulder in relation to the loud cars are roaring out of a local cars and coffee. From what we see, it doesn’t appear as if anybody is being all that loud or rowdy while the camera is rolling but a lady walking by seems that have something to say and certainly isn’t afraid to scream it as the cars come rolling by, one after another.