Woman Gets Car Repo'd Several Times Even Though She is Ahead on Payments

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

I would imagine that, if you somehow got hung up in a situation where the repo man was coming after your car because you couldn’t keep up with your car payments, it would be quite an irritating situation. Sure, at the end of the day, it really does come down to being your responsibility, regardless of the circumstances behind it, however, you would think it could be quite a stressful situation as having your car in the first place is probably an integral part of you getting to work to make more money in order to keep up with your bills that you have already fallen behind on.

Now, just imagine a different situation, though, the situation where you have kept up on your bills, made every payment on time or even ahead of time, however, your car still keeps on getting repossessed. It doesn’t seem like a likely situation, however for this woman and her Toyota, it’s exactly where she finds herself and she has no idea what to do. Now, if it was just a one-time mistake, it’s probably something that could be ironed out with the towing company, however, as it turns out here, it’s not just a one-time mistake but instead, something that is happened multiple times and the company attributes it to two cars with matching license plates of what the say are the same make and model which this vehicle owner finds to be a little bit tough to believe and we can’t really blame her.

If you check out the video below, you get the rundown on exactly what this woman is trying to do in order to track down the tow company and figure out what exactly is going on and how to prevent it in the future. It would really be nice to write something off as a mistake, I especially when it appears like it very much could’ve been but after a couple of attempts at having the car repossessed that shouldn’t be repossessed, she really can’t help but try to go on the offensive with a situation like this. After following the story below and getting the full details on what exactly has been happening here, be sure to tell us all about what you would do if you were tied up in this spot.