World Championship Blacksmiths' Competition Eagle Eye Class

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/17/2021

While it might seem like trades that are done by hand are coming to a point in time where automation is taking over, there is definitely still a place for well done, hand made goods that show off a certain craftsmanship that automation could simply never replace.

This time, we check out one industry that refuses to die as the World Championship Blacksmiths’ Competition comes to life and really gives us something to look at as this handcrafted competition really gives us something to admire as a piece of iron is shaped and pounded until it’s something that is worthy of admiration.

The scene is mesmerizing as this group of blacksmiths was given about ten seconds to look at a foot then about 25 minutes to create a 3/4 fullered heartbar horseshoe completely from scratch, a process that most would probably fail to do even if they were given unlimited time to carry out the task.

Check out the video below that takes us along as the competition unfolds and gives us a look inside of craftsmanship that you most certainly don’t see every day. Be sure to tell us what you think of processes like these when people really focus in on their craft until they get to be the best that they can be at it!