World Record 207mph on a Bicycle

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on 11/18/2021

François Gissy Bicycle World Record 207 mph 333 km/h

We’ve seen some brave souls going at spectacular rates of speed, but generally they have some structure underneath them. In this case, the vehicle in question is a bicycle!

In this video, we bear witness to François Gissy, a man who has clearly lost his mind as he reaches a mind blowing speed of 207mph and clocks in a 7-second quarter mile on a rocket-propelled bicycle. At one point, he even takes down a Ferrari 430 Scuderia with ease!

Gissy must have had some solid faith in designer, Arnold Neracher, to build something sturdy enough to travel at such a high rate of speed. This bike takes the term “adrenaline junky” to a whole new level.

You most definitely won’t want to miss this white knuckled, adrenaline filled video. You can catch all the action below!