World's Biggest Aerial R/C Assault - Traxxas Invades Glamis Dunes

Posted by: Matt Wright on 11/18/2021

World’s Biggest Aerial R/C Assault – Traxxas Invades Glamis

What happens when you take three of the fastest Traxxas remote control trucks to the world famous Glamis Dunes? Brace yourself because you’re about to find out!

Via Traxxas: “E-Revo puts on a freestyle show with every back-flip variation imaginable; single, double, and massive triple back-flips! Not to mention the seemingly never ending air time that Rustler VXL and E-Revo have as they soar through the desert air.

The Robby Gordon Dakar Edition Slash looks just like the full-size truck that competes in the Dakar Rally as it blasts across the dunes at 60+mph.”

These rigs are beefed up with high voltage and effectively show the Glamis Sand Dunes who is boss. Check out the video below as the aerial assault commences.